The Foundation

The First United Methodist Church Foundation of Peoria was established more than 25 years ago and today has over $4,500,000 in assets. Designated funds represent 35% of the assets. These are funds that the donor has given for a specific purpose like the music ministry, missions, or fine arts ministry. Undesignated or general funds represent 65% of the assets and can be used for any purpose consistent with the Foundation By-Laws.

The Foundation gives grants each year and over the last four years has made grants in excess of $500,000. These grants have gone to maintain the church building, buy personal property, and expand existing programs and ministries.

It is important for the Foundation to grow, so in 2011 “Willing Friends” was started. Each May, the Foundation sponsors a complimentary dinner recognizing all those who have left gifts to the Foundation through their wills or estate plans. Gifts received each year from “Willing Friends” who have passed away are acknowledged. Their gifts continue to live on and provide meaningful programs today.

If you would like more information about the Foundation, contact Larry Whitler, Director of Administration & Facilities, at 309-673-3641 or lwhitler@fumcpeoria.org.