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A Marvelous Light

Dr. Tim Ozment, Directing Pastor

I’m amazed at what God did for us through the birth of Jesus. The God of all creation humbled God’s self, became a human being and lived among us. Jesus ate our food, laughed, cried, got angry, felt pain, enjoyed a day off, fished, smiled, and got annoyed. This Jesus, the “God with us,” was the light of God that brightened our world with his presence. 

Additionally, Jesus didn’t wait for people to be made perfect before he spent time with them. On occasion he ate with religious leaders, but more often he ate with sinners. He protected the woman caught in the act of adultery. He embraced the outcast and those with leprosy. He loved people and had high hopes for what they could become. He met them where they were and offered grace and healing. Thankfully, he was not content to let them stay where he found them. Jesus became the light that revealed to them a path out of their darkness.

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Sermon Series: Marvelous Light


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