About Us



Welcome to the on-line campus of First United Methodist Church Peoria. Located in downtown Peoria facing Perry Avenue between Main Street and Hamilton Blvd, we are an established, regional congregation who has enthusiastically chosen to remain downtown to best be active in community ministries in Peoria and the Tri-county area. We affirmed that decision in 2011 with our Transforming Lives building campaign which included an addition to our 116 NE Perry building that was completed in November, 2013.

Growing a Community in Christ, First Church Peoria offers a balance of ministries for personal faith and social action. Living into our mission of growing Christian disciples for the transformation of Peoria and the world, we offer a diversity of ministries, small groups, Bible studies, and Christian education opportunities. Through a diversity of caring and connecting ministries, we are challenged to live out our faith in daily relationships as well as outreach ministries in the community and the world. We hold Jesus Christ as the center of our life and work as Christians.

Christ is worshiped in both traditional and contemporary services each week. All are welcome. Join us for worship, study, fellowship and fun!