General Job Descriptions

Director of Administration and Facilities

Peoria, IL Full Time

General Job Description and Basic Function:  This position is responsible for the direction and management of the business, facilities, and financial functions of First United Methodist Church-Peoria.  The areas of responsibility include: (1) finance and accounting, (2) management of property, (3) supervision of staff and office administration, (4) communication and information systems and hardware. The scope of these responsibilities spans from daily church business functions to annual and longer term planning for the long term future of First Church.  This position does not include ministerial or conference responsibilities.

For the full job description, please read the attached PDF document.  

Resume and cover letter should be emailed to:  employment@fumcpeoria.org.


Director of Communications

Peoria, IL • Part-time •

Responsible for:

1. Planning and coordinating internal and external communication for FUMC Peoria
2.  Assuring that all communications are consistent with the mission and vision of FUMC Peoria

Job Parameters

This position
o Is lay, salaried, approximately 1600 hrs./yr. (part-time)
o Manages the website internal and external communications
o Manages annual Unified Communications budget
o Reports to the Director of Administration and Facilities

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
The Director will focus on the following priorities:
o Strategic Communications Planning
o Development of media relations
o Development of relationships and systems of communication with staff including the Equipping Team
o Development of systems for communicating to the community and the church the mission and vision, ministries and services, accomplishments and celebrations of the church and its members. These include the following: FUMC website, social media, internal and external print media and other external publicity and marketing

Other Expectations
The Director will attend the following:
o Weekly Worship Services
o Weekly Worship Meetings
o Weekly Staff meetings
o Periodic Communications Team meeting
o Church Council and Charge Conference meetings
o Other meetings as deemed necessary for communication purposes

Qualifications Required
o Education: Bachelor’s degree and experience in a related area such as journalism, public relations, marketing,or communications
o Skills: Ability to use communication technology, skilled in writing and editing the writing of others, familiar
with marketing concepts including advertising, familiar with basic graphic design concepts
o Personal characteristics: Big picture thinker who can set direction and cast a vision, an advocate for communications throughout the church, capable of clear oral communication, and able to develop healthy relationships inside and outside the church. The Director should be familiar with and support the beliefs of the United Methodist Church and understand its internal organization.
o Strong collaborative and interpersonal skills
o Working knowledge of social networking and internet, web based strategies and technologies

A PDF of this position is available here.

Posted April 11, 2018
Resume and cover letter should be emailed to: employment@fumcpeoria.org

The personnel and policy manual of First United Methodist Church contains more
information on matters of vacation days, sick leave, work hours and related matters of employment by the church and expresses the official policy and practices of the church relating to all full time and part time paid employees. All employees of FUMC are “hired to the mission.” Position descriptions provide a base line understanding for expectation, accountability and fairness but consistent with the dynamic nature of the church’s mission, no PD is to be understood as static.


This position will report to the Church Administrator.

Email a cover letter and resume to employment@fumcpeoria.org.


Morning Cafe' Host/Hostess

Peoria, IL • Part-time • (Sundays 7:00 am - 11:30 am)


  • Welcome guests cheerfully.
  • Prepare coffee for the morning worship services.
  • Set up coffee stations with coffee, hot water, cold water, tea bags, sugar, sweeteners, cups, sleeves, stir sticks, creamer, etc...
  • Stock cold beverage inventory into small refrigerator under counter.
  • Serve doughnuts and bagels.
  • Cleanup afterwards: wipe counters, carts, and sinks, wash coffee urns, place trash in trash receptacles, etc.  
  • All supplies are provided by our catering staff - food, bottled beverages, etc.  
  • Take inventory and let staff know what is needed for the following Sunday.
  • Follow all food safety protocols.


  • General knowledge of food service industry and standards.
  • A warm and welcoming attitude and personality.

Resume and cover letter should be emailed to: employment@fumcpeoria.org