First Church: A Growing Community
As we endeavor to follow Christ, we at First believe that doing so in a local faith community is invaluable. Wherever you are on your faith journey, you will be welcomed to the First Family community of faith. Grow with us in worship, service, or a small group or class. If you are ready to make a more steadfast response to your commitment to follow Christ, then membership is a great next step.

We share a common vision
We believe God has called us to grow Christian disciples for the transformation of Peoria and the world. Together as one family of Christ followers we are called and committed to live that vision out in our homes, in our neighborhoods, and to all of the earth.

We share a common community
We were created to be in relationship with God and others - we come together distinctly as the body of Christ.  We come together to serve for the purpose that God gave us - the mission that Christ set out for His church to share the hope and truth found in Him.

We share a common commitment
Membership at First means we are committed to four spiritual disciplines-regular attendance in worship, participation in a small group or Sunday school class, investing your spiritual gifts in an act of service, and faithful giving of the resources that God has blessed you with. We believe this commitment keeps us all pointed in a common, biblical direction as well follow Jesus.

New Member - Discipleship Exploration Class
Those interested in full or affiliate membership at First Church and those interested in more information and discussion about  Christ's church and faith in a Wesleyan-Methodist perspective are welcome to attend our exploration class.  Classes are offered three to four times a year and are led by the pastors and laity.  Check out our short-term classes page to learn when the next class is scheduled.

To request information or register for the next class, use this link.

For more information contact
Dr. Carol McPherson, Director of Fine Arts and Discipleship, cmcpherson@fumcpeoria.org or 309-673-3641.